Monit + Delayed Jobs

We are using Delayed Jobs to support some background processing. It has been pretty OK overall, mostly because the jobs die sometimes and we have limited control over getting them running b/c we work in a Financial Services industry and our audit/protocols have locked us out of our production environment (sucks).

We have monit installed, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly.

So, I dug in on this one and wrote a bash script that does the following on deployment

  1. First we shutoff monit and kill and delayed job workers. They are running an old instantiation of the code.
  2. Then we feed permissions for our apache user to run delayed job commands as root (monit runs them as root) so we can control the jobs via the application
  3. Then for the # of workers we want, we create a pidfile process monitor for each one.
  4. I added and uptime > 48hours check to this to keep things sane in the event our workers live too long. We have a job that tries to cycle them every 8 hours, but it travels through a load balancer so we can’t be sure it will work.
  5. I should also note we have a multi-instance scaling group in AWS so we’ll never (very very very rarely) have ALL of our jobs cycle at once (we have > 3 servers)

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