Fixer Upper

Bought a duplex. Total closing was 82k and change. Day after we closed, the upstairs tenant died in the unit.



Remediating it (ourselves) and putting it back on the market. Lots of pictures to follow. For now we have

  • Exterior
    • New Roof
    • Repair exterior stairs (concrete)
    • Powerwash porch (remove dirt and moss)
  • Apartment 1
    • Joint compound cracks in ceiling
    • Fix celiing fan
    • Paint celiling
    • Paint walls
    • Paint vanity
    • New toilet
    • New range
  • Apartment 2
    • Remove carpeting and remediate smoke smell
    • New kitchen counters and sink
    • New kitchen floor
    • Paint cabinets
    • Refinish floors
    • Joint compound to fix all cracks
    • Paint ceilings
    • Paint walls
    • Solder gate valves into plumbing lines
    • New tile in tub
    • Refinish stairs
  • Basement
    • Fix washer –> New washer
    • Fix dryer
    • Haul out previous owners construction waste
    • Remediate moisture in basement
    • Remediate old bathroom


UPDATE: 2/15/2020

Place is now fully rented out. Pulling in 725 & 825 in rent. Mortgage + taxes are about $650. Was a bunch of work and expense, but is yielding about 10% CoC now + appreciation. Will look to do a refinance and pull some capital out. Another update to come.

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