First API

I created my first API for production use at work.

Overall, the process was surprisingly simple. I can’t believe there isn’t some AWS service that plugs the Lambda function + API Gateway + RDS together for you in one. Perhaps there are some templates, but I haven’t found them yet.

Quick discoveries so far from this process:

  • Very easy to implement something restful, not so sure about GraphQL but we should likely be using that.
  • Doing builds for AWS is a bit of a pain when you have a package you are using that needs be build specifically for their linux install. Right now I am using Docker + a build script. Ideally, we’d be using Gitlab CICD pipelines to support the build process, but company policy isn’t ready for them in production.
  • I have been using CI/CD pipelines for my own deployment/build into development + some unit testing. Loving it to be honest. Looking for a way to more easily capture the test results (specifically for some Selenium tests I am running), but I digress.
  • Really want to see if there is some kind of enterprise integation strategy we should be pursuing. Is there some easy way to create webhooks + subscription endpoints for everything? We are exploring a datalake + Kinesis streams, but I’m not so sure about that.

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