Little-ist Big Project Yet

Also the most rewarding. More to come as I write things I’ve learned each year/month


  • Month 1 – Cavewoman – Newborns are so primal. In essence, we have a small cavewoman in our house now. She grunts and eats food and has visceral reactions to everything. Her mood good or bad, very rarely anything in between. A close runner up was how fascinating and complex breastfeeding is. I wonder if other mammals have such a difficult time or not; and if not, why not? Lack of alternatives perhaps?


  • Month 2


  • Month 3


  • Month 4


  • Month 5
  • M6
  • M7
  • M8
  • M9
  • M10
  • M11
  • Y1
  • Y2
  • Y3

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