Little-ist Big Project Yet

Also the most rewarding. More to come as I write things I’ve learned each year/month


  • Month 1 – Cavewoman – Newborns are so primal. In essence, we have a small cavewoman in our house now. She grunts and eats food and has visceral reactions to everything. Her mood is good or bad, very rarely anything in between. A close runner up was how fascinating and complex breastfeeding is. I wonder if other mammals have such a difficult time or not; and if not, why not? Lack of alternatives perhaps?
  • Month 6 – Self Aware – Little lady has a mind of her own. Has wants and interested and ambitions already. Very rewarding to watch her grow and help her discover the world and herself. The word parent stems from the Latin “pare” which means “to bring forth”.
  • Month 9 – Walking (Running) – Girl can walk and run. So enjoyable to be around. Need to remember to avoid disaster but let her take some lumps.  Job isn’t to protect her, but to bring her best self forth!
  • Month 15 – Language Explosion – Probably over 25 words being communicated and well over 100 concepts understood. Pretty incredible to see how much she takes in and can grasp. Next step, better sleep (please).
  • Month 20 – Toddler – Speaking in almost full sentences. Potty training. Climbing ladders. Jumping. Laughing. This will be my last update as she has really become a child of her own now.

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