In February, I wanted to take a little break from the all-in technical stuff and do some painting. I had planned to do 3 but only got around to 2. The third I still have in my mind, but it’s not quite dreamed up yet.

Some quick lessons:

  • Painting is really cheap and fun
  • I used acrylic paint because I thought it would be the easiest (and cheapest) to learn with
  • I expected this to be really hard and demoralizing, but right away it was fun
  • Don’t take it too seriously
  • Plastic bags around a notebook make a great painter’s pallet
  • You don’t really need an easel
  • If you don’t have clothes you can afford to get dirty… just wear some sweatpants + shirts inside out
  • Most of my learnings were focused on acrylic paint…
    • You’ll want lots of white to brighten up the other colors
    • Get some cheap pencils to give yourself some guidelines
    • Add water to your paint for backgrounds, easier to spread
    • Airplane bottles make great brush holders (lots of empties around where I live, sadly)


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