For Christmas my wife got a Kombucha kit from Amazon and she brewed her first batch of Kombucha.

It took 3 weeks to finish up the first batch (finish = drinkable) and doing a second fermentation (flavor) now. Some quick take-aways:

  • The taste is very acidic. I have mixed in some Blue Algae into one container  to increase the pH level with minimal taste effect. So far very good and also the color is more visually appealing I find.
  • Would benefit from some more additional flavor. I would describe the taste as carbonated Granny Smith Apple or something to that effect. It reminds me of a sour candy a little bit.
  • I hope to do some Yerba Matte next and then do a second fermentation. Ideally to bring the flavor up.
  • The entire process was surprisingly easy and I’m hard pressed to think we’d buy Kombucha (or carbonated water) from a store regularly again.



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